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Thank you for visiting the website of Nick Rushton – wedding magician north west.  That’s me below on the left entertaining at at recent wedding, and this is the type of reaction you can expect if you hire me for your big day! …

wedding magician north west

I have been a professional wedding magician for over 20 years now, starting way before the recent boom of start up, internet magicians – in fact since before the boom of the internet full stop!  Therefore with such vast experience I can deliver an amazing level of service from initial contact right through to entertaining you and your guests on the day.  I’ve aimed to answer a few questions below about hiring a wedding magician in the North West of the UK.

Who is Nick Rushton – Wedding Magician North West?
I am a full time wedding magician covering all of the North West and have entertained at literally thousands of weddings over the years.  I have been on TV a number of times including performances on BBC1, Channel 5 and Sky1 and I have won top level awards in the art of magic.  I love performing at weddings in particular and perform a high impact routine that is second to none. That’s a brief summery, but I’m sure that’s enough trumpet blowing for now!  Read more below to see what I can offer for your wedding day…

Award-Winning Wedding Magician North West

Magic Circle

The Magic Circle

“Young Magician Of The Year”

World Magic Awards

The World Magic Awards

“Best Young Performer”

International Brotherhood of Magicians

International Brotherhood Of Magicians

“British Junior Magical Champion”

As Seen On Television

Magician as seen on TV

Wedding Magician North West Continued …

So You are looking for a Wedding Magician North West …

But what will a wedding magician do?

I specialise in high impact close up magic, mind reading, fork bending and watch steal / pickpocket magic which can be performed at tables and/or mix and mingle in small groups.  My routine is very fast paced without rushing, and guests get to see a LOT of magic in a very sort space of time which adds to the excitement and atmosphere.  See details below …

Close up magician – tricks?

I don’t like to call them “tricks” as I don’t trick people, but entertain them with magic illusions instead, therefore the “routines” I perform include card magic using signed cards,  coins, borrowed iPhones, elastic bands, borrowed £20 notes plus much more.  I always aim to make each part of my magic funny and highly entertaining, after all that’s what it’s all about – certainly not about “look how clever I am!”

Mind Reading

Think of a person you love &  care about … okay?  Well if we were face to face I could tell you who it is you are thinking of!  Not only that, the name of the person is already written down in a prediction in a sealed envelope!  Thought of PIN numbers, holiday destinations, pets / favorite animals can all be revealed in very entertaining ways too.  As part of this routine I also bend forks and spoons using the power of the mind!

Pick Pocket Magician …

Pickpocket magic is something I’ve recently added and will continue to add to my routine to add extra elements of impossibility, amazement and above all else FUN.  Watches iPhone and Wallets are just some of the items that can be “borrowed” without a guest knowing with hilarious results when they are returned – see photo below …

pickpocket magician

How long do you entertain for?

For most weddings of around 50 – 200 guests, I usually attend for approximately 2 hours.  I can fit in around your plans and the venue staff as not to interrupt of get in the way of proceedings.

How do I know you are any good?

There are a number of ways to tell if a wedding magician North West is good or not – I know you want the best for your big day as it’s such a special day.

  • First up, please see the reactions on the guests faces in all of the photos in my photo gallery – all of the photos on my site have been sent to me by top wedding and corporate photographers hired by the clients not by me.  They have captured genuine reactions live at weddings.
  • Videos are also great way to get a feel for if a magician is right for your event.  It is however very easy to stage reactions and edit out bits so it’s not a 100% fool proof method.  Again my videos have been shot by wedding videographers who have been kind enough to pass on the footage.
  • Testimonials & Feedback.  Way, way, way before Facebook & Google reviews, feedback and comments used to be emailed to me which still appear on my site on my feedback page.  As time has moved on clients and guests tend to leave “live” feedback on my Facebook Review Page instead which saves me having to upload them and also reassures clients that they are not made up!  I have over 75 5* reviews at the time of writing and not a single 4* or less in sight!

When do you entertain at weddings

Please see the most popular wedding options below, however I can fit in with your plans as every wedding is unique!

Popular Times To Book A “Wedding Magician North West”

Mix and mingle wedding magician

Drinks Reception & Photographs

Mix and mingle wedding magician during the photographs / drinks reception is extremely popular.

I can entertain at this time with close-up / mix and mingle magic using cards, coins, phones etc, mind reading (revealing / guessing names, favorite animals, PIN numbers etc) and fork bending, Uri Gellar style!

Ideal to keep guests entertained at a time they would otherwise be standing around with nothing to do. Also a great way to “kick start” the wedding celebrations following the ceremony.

Wedding Table Magician

Table Magic

Table magician in between the courses of the wedding breakfast.  A great way to keep guests amused between courses.

Hopping from table to table in-between courses, I will amaze and entertain you and your guests with table magic and mind reading. Each table gets a mini “show” which they will talk about for a long time after.

You’ll always know which table I’m performing at from the laughter, cheers and applause that follow me around the room!


Wedding party magician

After The Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Magician after the wedding breakfast and speeches, but before the evening disco / band gets into full swing is a brilliant time to have close-up magic.

Guests will have been sat down for some time and will inevitably move around and mingle at this time.  I can entertain the natural groups that gather – transforming the time when there would normally be a lull into a highlight of the day.  The atmosphere created will get everyone ready for the evening party to follow!

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