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It’s Party Time! So you, or someone you know has a party coming up soon and you want everyone to have the most amazing time?  Putting together a party to remember will depend on a few key factors – one being the type of and the quality of the entertainment you hire.  One of the most well remembered forms of entertainment at parties is close-up magic & mind reading, sprinkled with comedy and lighthearted fun.  That’s where party magician Nick Rushton’s outstanding entertainment comes in handy!

Close-up and/or table magic at parties is guaranteed to leave everyone totally amazed and what’s more everyone of all ages can join in the fun – Nick specialises as an adult party magician and as a family party magician but does not perform at “kids parties”. Rather than boring everyone with long winded “Card Tricks” and cheesy jokes, Nick has a vast array of exciting party magic routines which are accompanied by his quick wit and family friendly sense of humour.

If you book Nick, then hiring a Party magician will include …

♥ Card magic – far from the “norm”.
♣ Visual magic with coins.
♦ Exciting to watch & visual “Dynamo” and “David Blaine” type magic
♠ Mind reading – PIN numbers & thought of family names etc .
♥ Fork and metal bending, Uri Gellar style.
♣ Comedy magic with borrowed money!
♦ Pickpocket magic and watch stealing – see photo below (don’t panic – everything is given back!).
♠ Plus much, much more.

watch steal magician

Okay, but when is the best time to have a close-up party magician & mind reader I hear you ask?
Well Nick can very easily mix and mingle as guests enjoy drinks and canapés, entertain at tables or a mixture of both options.  Whatever your itinerary for the event, Nick will be very happy to fit in with your plans and can offer great advice based on over 20 years working as a professional party magician.

So how do I know Nick Rushton is any good?
Nobody likes to blow their own trumpet! – Fortunately Nick doesn’t have to.  You can see 1000’s of client reviews, feedback and comments (dating back to 2003 when emails were invented!) at a variety of sources including …

Nick’s Feedback Webpage (emails that have been received).
“Live” Facebook Visitor Posts & Reviews – Over 40 at the time of writing & ALL 5*
“Live” Google Reviews – Over 25 at the time of writing & of course ALL 5*

Can Nick handle my party? What type of parties does Nick have experience entertaining at?
With over 20 years professional experience performing for paying audiences, Nick has entertained at most if not all types of party.
Here are a few types of party that spring to mind in no particular order …

* Birthday Party
* Wedding Anniversary
* Barbecues
* Party Lunch
* Christmas Party
* Black Tie Event
* Charity Ball
* Christenings
* Engagement Party
* Summer Ball
* University Ball
* Beer Festival

* Surprise Party
* Dinner Party
* Garden Party
* Cocktail Party
* Wedding
* Fundraising Party
* Housewarming Party
* Farewell / Retirement Party
* After Party / TV Wrap Party
* House Party
* New Years Party
* Halloween Party
* Plus many other special occasions.

Whether it’s a small party for just a few important friends and family, or a huge dinner party for 1000’s of guests, Nick would love to be a part of the event and help you keep everyone amused.

Small parties (<50 guests)
The smallest group Nick has been hired to perform for was a party of just 3 people!  Entertaining with  a close-up mini “show” was the best approach and this was for around 45 mins – 1 hour.  It was very relaxed, informal and very well received.

Small to medium parties (50 – 150 guests)
Most parties Nick works at are for numbers from 50 – 150 guests.  2 hours of close-up magic and mind reading is perfect for this amount of guests and can be performed mix and mingle or at tables, whichever you prefer.  Nick’s routine is fast paced so guests will get to see a lot of magic in the time he is booked for.

Large parties (>150 guests)
When working at larger parties, Nick can easily arrange to work alongside a  colleague or two which will ensure that no one misses out.  He has a brilliant team of magicians who are of the same high standard and come highly recommended.  Also, Nick has superb contacts for other mix and mingle entertainers such as pickpockets, a wedding caricaturist, silhouette cutters and more which work extremely well alongside close-up magic.

Any questions?
Usually it’s “how much do party magicians cost?”  – The answer is, “probably not as much as you think!”  As with everything you get what you pay for, however Nick offers competitive pricing and extremely good value for money.

mapAlright – so far so good, where does Nick travel to?  Which areas does he cover?
Nick Rushton is a Staffordshire based adult party magician and family party magician living on the Cheshire border – however he covers ALL areas of the UK.

Travelling to venues is all part of the job!

Counties covered in the UK can be seen here – Party Magician UK Areas Covered

Wow this is all fantastic – I’m very excited and would love a free no obligation quote!
And make it quick! …
Of course!  To answer any questions and to give an exact quote based on your individual requirements (date, venue location, number of guests etc) please get in touch and you will get a reply very quickly, usually within the hour under most circumstances (Mon – Fri, 9am-5pm), but certainly within 24 hours.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like a quote?

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