Visual, sleight of hand magic performed right under your nose!

* Card routines –  Signed cards vanish and [wbcr_php_snippet id=”3856″ title=”quote”]
[/wbcr_php_snippet] reappear in impossible locations, they change and transform before your eyes, even in your hands!
* Cup & Ball – A fast and funny guessing game with super surprise ending.
* Coins – Coins vanish from one hand a reappear in the other (the last appears inside a guests’ closed fist!)
* Plus much more – rings, elastic bands and other small / borrowed items are used to create amazing magic everyone will enjoy.
Everything is presented in a funny and lighthearted, yet absolutely astounding manner! The routine is fast paced, visual and very exciting to watch. 

party magicican
party magicican
party magicican

ALSO Included…

Extra – High Impact Routines!

* Fork bending – guests get to keep the forks after they are twisted and bent using “magic”
* Mind reading – PIN numbers, names of family members people are thinking of, cards people are thinking of etc are revealed in entertaining ways.
* £20 inside Sharpie marker pen / Lemon – A £20 is signed and borrowed, with plenty of comedy it disappears and is found inside the pen that was used to sign it – or inside a Lemon!
* Watch Steal – (Circumstances permitting) See photos!
* Pickpocket Magic – Wallets, phones

If you read the 150+ ALL 5* reviews on Nick’s Facebook page, the “High Impact” routines are the ones that are always mentioned, talked about and remembered long after the event (lemons, forks, mind reading etc).

These routines takes the performance to a level nobody will have seen before!

All-Inclusive Quote For 2 hours = £[insert_php] echo “$quote_format_number”; [/insert_php].00 all-inclusive.

 2 hours is perfect for events with 40 – 200 guests.  If you require more or less time, please ask for details.

 Here is a short video of the Signed £20 in Lemon which is part of the “High Impact” routines included.
** WARNING! ** – contains some strong language / reactions from the guests!

To Book – Please email